How I Work

My guiding principle is simple – deliver the quality of service I would have demanded when I was a buyer. My clients want sound technical advice. But equally important is a high-quality personal relationship where they feel I am accessible, on their side and they can talk in confidence about the issues that matter most to them. The practice of law these days is a tough business, with intense demands. Lawyers are taught the law well, but for the most part are taught far less well, or not at all, the strategic, leadership and entrepreneurial skills which separate the best from the pack. This is where I do my most important work.

My approach is intensely practical, based on long experience of problem-solving in law firms, and knowledge of best practice: I do my best to listen; understand my clients’ needs and put them first; be empathetic, but say frankly what I think, even when it may be uncomfortable to hear; bring insight and an independent perspective; be available.

Do my clients value what I do? The best evidence is that I continue to work with the vast majority of them long after the initial engagement is over, more often than not at the heart of their businesses. They speak for themselves here.

If you would like to discuss without obligation and in confidence how I can help you, please call me on 07968 484232, or email me at