“Stephen is unique, in that he learned his skills not on an MBA course or from textbooks, but at the coal face. In legal practice, he achieved amazing things, at the heart of transforming a one-man band into a 500-people business and creating a law firm years ahead of its time. So when he talks, you have to listen. He’s not talking theory, it comes from a career’s worth of experience.”

Chairman, blue-chip corporate firm

“All of the Partners agree that we have derived huge benefit from the quiet, careful and thoughtful way Stephen Gold has provided advice. He listens, analyses, spots the flaws and is always constructive. He understands the law, the business of the law and best of all he understands lawyers. If law firm consultancy is a commodity then Gold is best value!”

Managing Partner, leading national firm

“Stephen has been an instrumental catalyst in bringing about transformation of the mindset, culture and practical approach to winning new business of those of us lucky enough to participate in his sessions and, in turn, our ability to effect more widespread change throughout our organisation.”  His wealth of experience in building successful businesses, coupled with his straightforward and fearless approach, make him the perfect role model, whilst at the same time his friendly personality provides an accessibility often lacking from other business “gurus”. From my initial involvement with Stephen, he has always made himself available to chat through tricky issues and to provide one-to-one encouragement.”

Partner, Corporate Finance

“Stephen works with our cross-discipline team to help engender a better sales culture. He’s a straight talker and pulls no punches, but also quietly and strategically builds the rapport of the group to create a solid platform permitting the growth of the team’s individual and collective sales confidence. The approach is paying real dividends and Stephen’s input has played an important role not only for this team’s future but also in changing the culture of the firm as a whole.”

Board Member, Head of Capital Projects

“Stephen brings to the table a wealth of management experience in legal and professional services, but his true value lies in his ability to translate and communicate that experience to others with a touch of old-school class combined with first-rate, current and progressive thinking.”

Partner, Corporate

“We think that by virtue of being good lawyers we can effortlessly turn our hand to selling our services. That misconception disappears the minute Stephen becomes involved. The result? For us retaining or winning new clients in every tender where we have worked with him from day one, and this firm will continue to seek Stephen’s help with all of our tender responses. He also remains a very useful sounding board for ideas on how to develop our business with the final concept being far superior to the initial idea.”

Partner, Insurance Litigation

“I would not hesitate recommending Stephen to any business or individual requiring a dedicated, objective, and thoroughly professional consultancy service. Stephen provides first rate advice and measured opinion, and it is self evident that this is drawn from his own highly successful career.He is gifted with natural intuition allowing him to understand a whole range of business demands in an increasingly competitive market.

Stephen excels at mentoring individuals in a considered, thoughtful and approachable manner.  He delivers first rate business development “master classes” (the fact that he dislikes that term probably says more about his unassuming personality than this testimonial ever can!) in an informal environment which encourages a rich seam of new ideas and goals.

His input and guidance in strategic discussions – whether on a one to one basis or at board level – makes Stephen an invaluable confidante to work with. He injects enthusiasm, encouragement and a positive attitude in all matters and his approach is one that is infectious. Above all else, it makes it a great pleasure to work with Stephen”.

Partner, Personal Injury Litigation

I found Stephen very quick to grasp and deal with the core issues. He helped me greatly with how to approach pitches. He is also, just as importantly great fun to work with, using a relaxed, but keenly focused style.

Partner, Real Estate

“Stephen combines his long and varied experience with a very good sense of humour, which makes him an excellent coach and mentor. He is mindful of the importance of trust in his role, which is vital for any assignment to succeed. I found working with Stephen enjoyable and rewarding, and would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

Group Head, Intellectual Property

“I spent 12 months working with Stephen using a mix of group and one to one sessions. Using his professional experience and guidance, he and I worked together to tackle a number of complex situations both internally and externally focused. With Stephen’s guidance, the situation was handled carefully and respectfully, meaning goodwill was retained for all involved and there was no loss in team morale.

As regards client relationships, I won a new banking client in that year and in addition won work from a new team of an existing banking client. Stephen also coached me in dealing with an existing client where the work was not profitable. Following Stephen’s recommendations, I succeeded in growing the relationship at the highest level, winning new higher value and hence more profitable work. This client relationship is now so strong with that client that we are supplying them with a (fully paid) in-house resource every week and assisting them with their recruitment.”

Partner, Banking