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Success is in store - The Word of Gold

The shelves of a different kind of partnership are full of lessons for law firms. Read my latest opinion article in The Journal of The Law Society of Scotland here.
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The Literal Truth - The Word of Gold

Graduates who can’t speak and write English proper face a life sentence, even if the culture has passed in which having such skills was non-negotiable. Read my latest opinion article in The Journal of The Law Society of Scotland here.
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Doing the business - The Word of Gold

However brilliant the work, there is little honour in being without profit. Read my latest opinion article in The Journal of The Law Society of Scotland here.
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Through the client's eyes - The Word of Gold

Last month, I discussed how difficult it is for us to change, however much we want to. More difficult still is persuading colleagues, even when it is clear that “the way we do things round here” is not good enough.

In my latest opinion article in The Journal, I discuss how to engage with clients in order to develop your understanding of what great legal service looks like. The article includes my 'formula for success' - find out more here.
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The rocky road to good intentions

It being that time of year, my original (or rather, tremendously unoriginal) thought was to write a piece on new year resolutions, full of wisdom about strategy, finance, business development and other delights from the giant Celebrations tin of modern law firm management.

And then I thought, “Nah.” The only material point about new year resolutions is that 99% of them do not survive January.

Read my latest opinion article in The Journal of The Law Society of Scotland here.
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Expert, Insightful Guidance for Law Firms

I founded and for over 25 years led a multi-award-winning law firm. Today, I am a consultant and non-exec, acting as a trusted adviser to law firm leaders throughout the UK and internationally.

Am I Any Good?

It's a very fair question. You can judge by the testimonials from senior lawyers above and in full here. Clients say they find I am knowledgeable, pragmatic, enjoyable to work with and deliver results.

What I Think

I write and speak extensively - you can see all my articles here.

If you think we could be a fit, do call me on 0044 7968 484232, or email me at stephen@stephengold.co.uk. I am always delighted to talk confidentially, and completely without obligation.


I provide expert, practical guidance on: Leadership and Strategy, Making Rainmakers, Mergers and Acquisition, Tenders and Pitches, Coaching and Mentoring Key People.


Great rainmakers come in many shapes and sizes. There is no secret formula. Creating the right sales and marketing strategy, pricing well, communicating effectively and avoiding the bear traps are the vital skills, and they can all be acquired.

Leadership & Strategy

Successful strategy relies on two elements: the original conception and effective implementation. No two firms are the same, but the challenges are similar: Where do we play? How do we win?


The greatest demands often have little to do with client work, but with creating the right strategies for the business and ourselves, making successful relationships with colleagues, managing conflict, dealing with personal stress and managing the balance between our business and personal lives.

Tenders, Pitches and Pricing

Tendering and pitching are both art and science. The nuts and bolts of the proposition need to be right: people, price, sector experience, location, structural and financial robustness, and so on.


The decision to merge or be taken over is usually life-changing and rarely easy. There are competing pressures. What are the strategic imperatives for both sides? Does the prospect of new markets and greater resources compensate for loss of control or the risk of a valued culture being submerged?

Latest Publications

As I try never to forget, especially right now, I’m blessed to have clients whose needs occupy me daily and quite often, nightly. It’s very tempting in these times to lower the flag a little. But I know that outside of misconduct, negligence, or running out of cash, the biggest mistake a professional can make is to stop marketing because we are weary, and too busy with what’s happening in the moment.

Jan 15, 2021

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