mergers-law-firm-advice“Stephen brings to the table a wealth of management experience in legal and professional services, but his true value lies in his ability to translate and communicate that experience to others with a touch of old-school class combined with first-rate, current and progressive thinking.”

Partner, leading Scottish corporate firm

“Stephen’s input and guidance in strategic discussions – whether on a one to one basis or at board level – makes him an invaluable confidante to work with. I would not hesitate in recommending Stephen to any business or individual requiring a dedicated, objective, and thoroughly professional consultancy service. Stephen provides first rate advice and measured opinion and it is self evident that this is drawn from his own highly successful career.”

Partner, Litigation

A combination of the recession, the legal market waking up to a new regulatory landscape and ever-more demanding clients has led to a surge in merger activity at local, national and international level which shows no sign of slowing.

The decision to merge or be taken over is usually life-changing and rarely easy. There are competing pressures. What are the strategic imperatives for both sides? Does the prospect of new markets and greater resources compensate for loss of control or the risk of a valued culture being submerged? Individuals assess what it means for them and how that squares with the needs of the firm. How will different personalities work together? Above all, will one plus one make more than two?

My own firm went into a cross-border merger with a UK national giant which was regarded as pioneering at the time and has been a great success. It was an invaluable personal experience. Since then, I have had the privilege of being at the heart of the decision-making process with clients of different sizes and in different markets, providing an independent and experienced voice, as they work towards the solution that is best for them.

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