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The Word of Gold: Whither goest thou?

Monday, 13 December 2021

The imperative to be strategic applies as much to our personal lives as to our businesses. Read my final Word of Gold comment piece in The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland here and you can read all of my publications in The Journal via the Archive within this page.

As I note within the article:-

"This is the last Word of Gold. After almost nine years, I think the Society and its members deserve to hear a new voice. It’s been a fantastic privilege to have this platform, and though I think it’s the right time to exit, I will miss it. I’m sincerely thankful to the many people who have been so supportive of my meanderings. 

In particular, I want to express my deep gratitude to editor Peter Nicholson for all his support and friendship over the years, which I’ve appreciated probably more than he knows. He is an immensely accomplished professional, but more than that, a person of warmth, kindness and decency. The Journal is safe in his hands, and I wish both it and him, the highly successful future they both deserve."