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36% annual rise in LawCare cases. UK law firms should implement a support policy

Friday, 09 May 2014

I have recently published a new Opinion piece entitled 'The Law - It's Just Mental' in the Law Society of Scotland's Journal regarding the recently reported 36% annual rise in LawCare cases across the UK.

LawCare outlined that stress was the most common problem with lawyers in the UK, which affects nearly 75% of callers, followed by depression (12%) and alcohol (6%). As I note within the article:-

There is a valuable role here for faculties and the Law Society of Scotland to supplement LawCare’s great work by establishing local panels of specialists able to provide rapid, skilled support.

Further, I believe there is a strong case for it to be compulsory for all firms to have a published policy on this issue, which positively encourages staff to seek help. Light is always the best antiseptic. The message must always be: “It could be you, there is no stigma, and we are here to catch you if you fall.

Please do read my article in full here.